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                          Will Transfers and Early Draft Entrees Lose Out Under O’Bannon?

                          As fascinating as the 99-page ruling in O’Bannon is, for the immediate purposes of the judgment the two-page injunction order is much more significant. Yesterday I looked at how the injunction essentially solves the cost of attendance debate (much more on that soon). There is also an interesting wrinkle in the deferred compensation portion of […]

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                          No Compliance Issue with Winston Insurance Purchase

                          Jameis Winston is not the first athlete to have his disability or loss-of-value insurance premiums paid for by the school using the NCAA’s Student Assistance Fund. Texas A&M did the same earlier this year for offensive tackle Cedric Ogbuehi. And Baylor will help fund premiums for three football players. But Winston is the reigning Heisman […]

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                          Baker Mayfield highlights the worst side of the NCAA’s transfer rules

                          Stories about athletes battling with their former schools over transfer destinations is nothing new. It has become a regular feature of the college sports offseason. Most of the time the debate is over how much power schools should have to limit where an athlete, generally a scholarship athlete, can transfer. A consensus is even starting […]

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                          NCAA Should Stop Charging for Eligibility Center Registration

                          Of all the things the NCAA does that rile up the masses, one which should be the most obvious is one of the least known. The NCAA strikes a controversial bargain with athletes. In exchange for the opportunity to get an education, financial support for that education (maybe), elite training and exposure, the NCAA asks […]

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                          Which Power Conference Football Teams Are At-Risk with the 2013-14 APR

                          Last week I looked at which power conference men’s basketball teams were in danger of receiving APR penalties in 2013–14. This week is football’s turn, although with two significant differences. First, football’s APR is less volatile than basketball’s so only teams with a 2012–13 APR below 940 were studied. Second, there is no single source […]

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                          College athletics leaders not yet serious about legislative solution

                          Brad Wolverton of the Chronicle of Higher Education has an article on the alternative solutions college athletics is looking at to get the NCAA and its members out from under the parade of lawsuits which is currently engulfing the association. One of the those is the possibility of lobbying Congress for an antitrust exemption: One […]

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                          Which Power Conference Basketball Teams are At-Risk with the 2013-14 APR

                          With the summer about half over and the 2012–13 APR release well in the review mirror, it is time to look ahead to the 2013–14 APR numbers. Those numbers will start to finalize over the fall as athletes return to campus, confirming both their eligibility and whether they were retained for the 2014 fall semester. […]

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                          Alabama Custom Photos Sign of a Bigger Issue in Football Recruiting

                          John Talty of AL.com rounded up custom photos which Alabama sent its commits who were participating in the invite-only The Opening, put on by Nike in Oregon. Those photos are completely legal, if you jump through a couple interpretive hoops. The current rule says you may attach anything you could send as a printed recruiting […]

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                          How is Dorial Green-Beckham Meeting With Oklahoma Coaches

                          SoonerScoop (via CBS Sports) is reporting that former Missouri football player Dorial Green-Beckham is currently in Norman, OK meeting with Oklahoma football coaches. There is just one problem with that: it is currently a dead period during which any in-person contact with prospects is prohibited, on- or off-campus. There is some confusion about whether this […]

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                          UNC Still Holds the Cards in Academic Fraud Scandal

                          Former UNC basketball player Rashad McCants spoke to ESPN’s Outside the Lines about his academic experience at UNC. McCants told ESPN that he not only took many of the “paper classes” in the African American studies program which have been at the center of the ongoing scandal. McCants also told ESPN that tutors wrote some […]

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